Latvian Theatre Showcase

Latvian Showcase is an annual festival presenting a selection of work made in Latvia during the recent season and inviting performing arts professionals from abroad to discover contemporary Latvian theatre and dance. The Showcase is programmed and organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia in close collaboration with theatres and independent venues.

From the 2nd till the 5th of November LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase 2021 took place on the digital platform Performing arts professionals were introduced to 14 performances, 9 pitch presentations and an extensive talks programme concerned with Latvian theatre industry, which is still available online.

The 2021 LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase is organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) in cooperation with the Latvian Theatre Labour Association (LTDS), the Latvian branch of the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT/IACT) and Latvian theatres, companies and individual artists.

This year’s edition of the Showcase publication “Specifically Latvian vol. 5” has been published online and in print. This edition reflects on the current events of Latvian performing arts and introduces with Latvian theatre and dance artists, original drama, current theatrical processes and artistic tendencies.