Recap of the Question Project

Who has the power to change things?
Does your pessimism help you?
Where are Riga ́s underground clubs?
Can the tram stop at the market be moved further?

At the end of the year, the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and the Chilean interdisciplinary collective MIL M2 invite to have a look at the digital booklet of mobile urban performance “Question Project” that took place during this year’s international festival of contemporary theatre Homo Novus and invited Rigans to pose a question to their city, their neighbour, the future and themselves.

The pdf version of the booklet is available HERE!

Question Project traveled to Riga Central Market and Āgenskalns Market, stopped at the Freedom Monument square and visited two remote neighbourhoods of the city – Bolderāja and Daugavgrīva. It interfered with the public space also via series of guerrilla strategies.

Photo credit: Aivars Ivbulis