Latvian Association of the Deaf awards accessibility prize to Homo Novus festival

On 20 January, the Latvian Association of the Hearing Impaired held its usual Annual Award Ceremony, where the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and the Homo Novus Festival were awarded for their accessibility in culture for the deaf.

The 2023 Festival had a particularly large hearing impaired community presence in the audience, as well as a surprise performance by two well-known Irish artists, Amanda Coogan and Lianne Quigley, during the ‘Be Part’ symposium – a choir of hearing impaired people. In recent years, Homo Novus has been striving to offer accessible performing arts to a wide range of audiences, and the festival organisers hope to strengthen even closer creative cooperation with the Latvian hearing impaired community and expand the number of adventurous, contemporary art lovers who still have limited cultural opportunities due to their disabilities.