Physical Evidence Museum at SAAL Biennaal in Tallinn

During 23-29 August “Physical Evidence Museum” by Laura Stašāne and Jana Jacuka is being presented at the international performing arts festival SAAL Biennaal in Tallinn.
“Physical Evidence Museum” is a documentary exhibition and a live event “Physical Evidence Museum” focusing on domestic violence from the female and child survivor’s perspective. The exhibition takes place in a private flat that with everyday items on display that are witnesses of domestic violence. All stories in the museum have been donated by women survivors.

“Physical Evidence Museum” was created in 2020 at Homo Novus festival tin close collaboration with survivors. In July 2021 it was presented in Warsaw and 23-29 August in Tallinn. In each place it is re-created new in a private flat and items and stories by local woman are added.


“Physical Evidence Museum” Tallinn edition is open for a duration of one week 23-27 August every day 16:00-20:00 at Vana Kalamaja street 16, Tallinn. The exhibition is available in Estonian and English.
A 14 hour reading marathon will take place in the living room of the museum from 28 August 12:00  till  August 29 02:00 with participation of local women taking turns to read personal testimonies. The event will be streamed online via the SAAL Biennal intrenet radio „eˉlektron signal. SAAL Biennaal radio” . The marathon will be in English and Estonian with local participants.

More information on SAAL Biennaal webpage

Tickets available online and at the door.

“Physical Evidence Museum” was created with the support from “Magic Carpets” platform of EU programme “Creative Europe”.

Photo: Kaisa Maasik, Laura Stašāne