LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase talks programme – online

From November 2 to 5 LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase 2021 took place online. Performing arts professionals were introduced to 14 performances, 9 pitch presentations and an extensive talks programme concerned with Latvian theatre industry, which is still available online.

Due to the epidemiological situation and full lockdown in Latvia, the showcase happened in an online format this year. The guests from across the world were invited to visit our digital platform to enjoy the show programme from the safety of their homes.

In addition to the performance programme the guests were invited to participate in 2 pitching sessions showcasing 9 Latvian artists and their works in development ready to tour.

Not only field professionals are invited to engage with LiVe content – anyone who is interested in performing arts can still watch 5 online discussions about remote networking, talks on new models and sustainable touring. Field professionals as Elisa Itkonen (ANTI Festival, Finland), Agata Kołacz (TR Warszawa, Poland), Barbara Poček (Glej Theatre, Slovenia), Jurga Knyvienė (Kaunas City Chamber Theatre, Lithuania), Ewan McLaren (Bazaar Festival, Czech Republic) and many more participated as guest speakers.

You can still watch the talks programme and pitching sessions in the digital platform and New Theatre institute of Latvia Vimeo account.

The 2021 LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase is organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Theatre Labour Association, the Latvian branch of the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT/IACT) and Latvian theatres, companies and individual artists. The Showcase and the digital platform LiVe are financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the target programme “KultūrELPA” of the State Culture Capital Foundation.