EMERGENCE residencies in Nicosia and London

One of the main tasks of the EMERGENCE, international platform for scenography research and practice, is to provide mobility, exchange and co-working opportunities for scenography students and young professionals. This spring two of these programmes take place in Cyprus and UK and both are visited by students of the Art Academy of Latvia.

On 31 March – 13 April Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, hosts the second creative lab of the workshop series “Our gruesome cultural heritage”, devised in collaboration between Norwegian Theatre Academy, New Theatre Institute of Latvia and Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC. The first lab took place on Håøya island in Norway last September, the last one will be organised in Riga in spring 2020. In Cyprus five Latvian students Anna Eglīte, Paula Kalniņa, Rēzija Adītāja, Christina Rezvõhh, Toms Jansons together with their colleagues from Norway and Cyprus explore the complex history and lasting conflicts of the divided island and work on new scenographic installations that will be exhibited in downtown Nicosia.

Design Heritage Workshop organised by Victoria and Albert museum in London takes place on 28 April – 3 May involving students from Norwegian Theatre Academy, Cyprus, Central Saint Martins, as well as Art Academy of Latvia. Participants will have an access to the museum’s collection and archives for individual research; they will attend site specific workshop run by British set-designer Sophie Jump. At the end of the workshop performative installations created by the participants will be presented to the audience during the V&A Performance festival. Young Latvian scenographers Māra Broka, Līga Zepa and Paula Zariņa are among the workshop participants. Find information about the public event here.

EMERGENCE activities in Latvia are supported by the Creative Europe programme, Ministry of Culture of Latvia and State Culture Capital Foundation.

Photo from the creative lab in Håøya by Christina Rezvõhh.