Thursday, May 26 17.00
Venue: Former factory VEF on Brīvības street 214 (address on google map – Ūnijas street 4. Enter from Brīvības str. and walk to the 2nd building on the right side from Godvil club)
Duration: 1h
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Authors, choreographers and performers: Krišjānis Sants and Erik Eriksson
Musician Mārtiņš Miļevsksis

Producer: New Theatre Institute of Latvia (www.theatre.lv)
Premiere on September 8, 2015 at the International Contemporary Theatre Festival “Homo Novus”

Krišjānis Sants and Erik Eriksson are recent graduates of PARTS dance school in Brussels and this is their first collaborative project.
In „Whirl” the young choreographers bring together their keen interests about body in movement, research of traditions and new way of perception. Building on rhythmic structures of folk melodies and one single movement common in traditional dances of many nations, Krišjānis and Erik bring pure physicality in focus and create a picture of perpetual movement of body in space and time.

Krišjānis Sants is a Latvian dancer who after graduation of the Latvian Academy of Culture (2011) and PARTS (2014) works both in Latvia and Belgium, collaborating with several acknowledged artists like musician Laima Jansone and choreographer Daniel Linehan. In his own work Krišjānis explores the ways to transmit the rythmic codes of Latvian ornaments and folk songs into movement.
Erik Eriksson is a Swedish dancer based in Sweden and Belgium. Deriving from a acrobatics and break dance background, he is passionate about the moving body in every possible aspect. After having graduated from PARTS in Brussels, he continues to work in Europe and investigates a cinematic perspective of the human being and its relation to its surroundings.