Le Villi. Gianni Schicchi

Thursday, May 26 19.00
Latvian National Opera, Aspazijas boulv. 3
Duration: 2h30

Music Giacomo Puccini
Director Viesturs Kairišs
Set designer (Le Villi) Reinis Dzudzilo
Costume designer (Le Villi) Krista Dzudzilo
Choreographer (Le Villi) Elīna Lutce
Set and costume designer (Gianni Schicchi) Ieva Jurjāne

Producer: Latvian National Opera and Ballet (www.opera.lv)
Premiere on May 8, 2015

The first opera of Giacomo Puccini „Le Villi” is a dance-strewn tale of spirits, broken hearts and ruthless revenge. Viesturs Kairišs who was educated as a theatre director, has let his relentless imagination and love for parody and farce to run free in this production while masterfully keeping it within a clear concept.
Reinis Dzudzilo received the Latvian Theatre award as the Best Set Designer in 2014/2015 for his creation in „Le Villi”.

“Le Villi” is presented together with yet another staging of Viesturs Kairišs, the comic opera “Gianni Schicchi”. Initially conceived to spring from the plot of “The Divine Comedy” by Dante, it reveals human greed and avarice with ironic touch. Amidst squabbles and intricate plots of deception among family members over an inheritance, a love couple manages to stumble into their sweet share of happiness.

Viesturs Kairišs graduated as a theatre director from the Latvian Academy of Culture in 1997. In the last year of the studies he and two other emerging directors founded an independent platform for creative work. Under its manifesto they produced several pieces that quickly established them as strong talents in Latvian theatre. Later Viesturs staged several productions in the New Riga Theatre and the National Theatre which were also presented internationally. At the same time he started to work in opera and film. His career in opera has included the production of Wagner’s “The Ring of Niebelung”. Viesturs has made several documentaries and feature films that have received Latvian cinema award and been shown in the festivals abroad. His latest theatre production „Fire and Night”, a take on the national treasure, the play by the iconic Latvian poet Rainis, premiered in the Latvian National Theatre in September 2015.