Wednesday, May 25 12.00
Latvian National Theatre, Kronvalda boulv. 2
Duration: 2h30min
In Latvian with English translation

Author Jean Anouilh
Director Elmārs Seņkovs
Set designer Evija Pintāne
Costume designer Marija Rozīte
Composer Edgars Mākēns
Light designer Oskars Pauliņš
Performers: Maija Doveika, Marija Bērziņa, Gundars Grasbergs, Artis Drozdovs, Sanita Pušpure, Uldis Siliņš

Producer: Latvian National Theatre (
Premiere on April 23, 2015

The tiny stage where Antigone story is played by the young cast of the National Theatre reminds of a cage with no exit. The conditions for performers’ existence on stage are extremely complicated – there are no props or decors to hide away from the gaze of other protagonists, performers, and the audience. The presence is complete, naked. The whole setting reminds of a laboratory, where cruel experimentation with the humanity and among each other is taking place. In Elmārs Seņkovs’ interpretation there are no heroes to be imitated in Antigone. It’s rather an invitation to choose one’s own path.

Director Elmārs Seņkovs (b. 1984) has studied pedagogy and theatre and is one of the most productive and interesting theatre makers of the young generation. He started his professional career at independent theatre, and was soon invited to work in the National theatre, Valmieras theatre and Russian theatre. For Elmārs the theatre stage is like a playground where he constantly tests new forms and ideas, each time coming up with unexpected results. His long-term collaboration with scenographer Reinis Dzudzilo and visual artist Krista Dzudzilo has created some incredibly strong visual metaphors and spatial propositions. Recently, his creative approach, however, has matured and become minimalistic.