Lone Twin’s Beastie visits Valmiera theatre festival

Beastie is coming to Valmiera from some wild place. In cities and towns across the country people have been seeing a mysterious creature. Some say they’ve seen it at night, others say they’ve seen it on the bus. One boy said it eats shoes, but one thing is for certain – nobody knows what it is. Beastie will stay in town for three days during Valmiera theatre festival and together with kids they will turn the initial suspicion and fear into a special friendship.

Beastie is a groundbreaking real-world adventure for children. It is a workshop where they do exercises, games and create their own creatures, before they meet Beastie. Then the children take charge as they create their own stories and explore Valmiera’s streets hand-in-hand with their special new friend. The application is closed as all workshops are fully booked.

“Beastie” is a part of “Imagine the year 2068″ project for children and young persons by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and an activity of the international platform “Imagine 2020: art, ecology and possible futures”.

Producer: New Theatre Institute of Latvia in collaboration with Valmiera summer theatre festival.
Supported by State Culture Capital foundation, ” Latvia 100″,  “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union, concert hall “Valmiera”.