“Physical Evidence Museum ” will visit “TR Warszawa” and prelude the festival “Baltic Transfer”

Laura Stašāne and Jana Jacuka's documentary exhibition "Physical Evidence Museum", premiered at the international new theatre festival "Homo Novus" last year, will visit one of the leading Polish theaters "TR Warszawa" in July 1–6 and and prelude the festival "Baltic Transfer".

A cycle of seminars to expand the access of performing arts has begun

On May 26, the NTIL started the cycle of seminars “Extended Access to Contemporary Performing Arts” with the first meeting, virtually bringing together 38 performing arts and culture professionals.

Audio performance cycle “Our Gruesome Cultural Heritage”

Every weekend from from 10.00 to 16.00 spectators-listeners have the opportunity to experience a cycle of audio performances in Daugavgriva Fortress, Riga.

NTIL invites to reserve library books for home reading

NTIL offers to apply for books or catalogues of interest for home reading – in recent months, the NTIL library has been supplemented with several new units.

International student camp “Our Gruesome Cultural Heritage”

After the introductory session in March, the international student camp aimed at exploration and creation in the field of environmental scenography, spatial dramaturgy and performative potential of place continues in Riga, Famagusta and Oslo on 20-30 April.