Announcing GLEN (Great Little European Network)

GLEN (Great Little European Network) connects the smallest countries of Europe through common networking and training programmes with the objective of contributing to designing more meaningful practices and more sustainable performing arts sectors in the concerned countries, interconnecting them and taking a prominent place on the international scene.

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus” announcing the first artists

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus" will take place in Riga from August 30 to September 9. The 19th festival is dedicated to at the actions of hospitality, collectivity and the potentialities of working together, not apart..

Art Beyond Participation – BE PART Symposium as a part of the 2023 Homo Novus festival

After four years of exploring the ethics of artistic participation, the BE PART partners, artists, community members and audiences will gather in Riga for a final Symposium.

An insight into Lina Lapelyte’s notes while working on the project “Mutes” at the ACT residency

For the Art, Climate, Transition residency, I (Lina Lapelyte) continued development on ‘Study for Slope’, also known as ‘The Mutes’. This is a durational musical performance for a group of amateur singers lacking a ‘musical ear’. Therefore, they cannot sing in tune.

Interview with Lina Lapelytė by “The Shake Down” curator Karu Treij

While preparing “the Shake Down” programme for International Art Festival “Bastard”, where on April 29th Linas work “Ladies” will be presented, one of the curators Karu Treij met with Lina in Vilnius for a short conversation.