LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase presents “Specifically Latvian vol. 5” edition

This year’s edition of the Showcase publication "Specifically Latvian vol. 5" has been published online and in print. This edition reflects on the current events of Latvian performing arts and introduces with Latvian theatre and dance artists, original drama, current theatrical processes and artistic tendencies.

Written in Neon. Riga

From 13 August until 31 October New Theatre Institute of Latvia in collaboration with internationally renowned theatre director, dramaturg and visual artist Tim Etchells and four artists from Latvia - Santa Remere, Jānis Balodis, Kirils Ēcis and Inta Balode - invite inhabitants of Rīga and the guests of the city to go on expeditions and enjoy urban installations “Written in Neon. Rīga”.

Digital platform “Physical Evidence Musuem” is launched

The digital version of "Physical Evidence Musuem" is a unique online platform and collection that focuses on domestic violence issue from the perspective of women survivors.

LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase talks programme – online

From November 2 to 5 LiVe: Latvian Theatre Showcase 2021 took place online. Performing arts professionals were introduced to 14 performances, 9 pitch presentations and an extensive talks programme concerned with Latvian theatre industry, which is still available online.

Exhibition “Magic Carpets Landed” in Kaunas

The international exhibition will take place in Kaunas from 5th of November 2021 to 23rd of January 2022 and will open the programme of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. The exhibition will include the end results of residencies hosted by The New Theatre Institute of Latvia.