We are deligthed to announce new artistic collaboration

NTIL begins new long-term collaboration with Lina Lapelyte (LT), Voldemārs Johansons and Jānis Balodis (LV) for 2020 - 2022 to explore place of arts in the discourse of climate, social and economic justice.

With For About 2020, a slow conference for a fast evolving crisis

Heart of Glass, collaborative and social arts agency from UK in collaboration with international partners invite to a virtual conference every Wednesday between 27 May to 17 June 2020 at 16.30 (EEST), featuring international artists, activists and academics to discuss creative survival strategies developed by marginalised people.

In the art world, it could be called a success. And it certainly was.

Italian artist Gian Maria Tosatti on his installation, My Heart is a Void. The Void is a Mirror, that premiered at Homo Novus festival two years ago as part MagiC Carpets residency programme, supported by the EU programme Creative Europe.